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The Monogamous Man

Written: December 17, 2018

Is there such a thing as a faithful man? Many women would say no. I honestly want to say yes, but my recent experiences and/or insight of other people’s lives, has me on the fence.

I’ve never been cheated on, well, at least that’s what I’d like to think. I’ve always had the luck of having loyal/faithful significant other in my life. And if they did want to cheat, I would get cut off before they messed with another women. Once again, that’s what I thought they were doing. Basically, I’ve never had the pleasure of knowing if someone was actively cheating on me, LOL!

I want to think that all men, have the potential to be monogamous, but, is that really how it should be? In the animal kingdom and yes, I said “animal kingdom”, the male species mates with most of the female species. There aren’t any broken homes, failed marriages or jealous reactions. There’s no law, no rule, no standard. Just the re-population of their kind.

So why do we, as human, hold our male species to such a standard, to be monogamous? Well, I know there’s several responses for that question. In my opinion, I blame society and religion. We have this concept that we are only to be with one person, but maybe that isn’t the case. How can someone else’s views and structured beliefs force us to follow something that almost seems unnatural? I’m not saying that monogamous relationships are unnatural, but I believe that it’s a social construct that holds us back from being the true species we are.

So back to the monogamous man, because I can go on and on about the impact society and religion has on our lives. Kanye West said it best “Love is cursed by monogamy”. In my opinion, I don’t think men were built to be with one person. I don’t think they have, the have the emotional ability. Men think with their dicks!! I’m sure many men would argue this point, but let’s agree to disagree. When men see the opposite sex, that’s all that it is, initially, sex; Breast, Ass, Pussy, Thighs and Face. They aren’t thinking about degrees, accolades, independence and inner beauty. I think this, is what allows men to cheat. It isn’t emotional (most of the time). It’s almost like a handshake.

Ugh, a handshake. I can’t believe I just correlated a man cheating to a handshake.

If only the consequences matched that correlation though. Sadly it doesn’t, unlike animals we feel that emotion, betrayal, disgust and the list goes on.

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