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Selecting Your Natural Stones

Selecting crystals can be a personal and intuitive process that can be both fun and rewarding. When choosing crystals, it's essential to trust your instincts and let your intuition guide you. One common method is to go with what you are drawn to visually - the colors, shapes, and patterns that catch your eye. Another approach is to hold the crystal in your hand and see if you feel any energy or connection with it. Consider the properties and meanings associated with different types of crystals.

Research the specific qualities of each crystal and see if they align with your intentions or goals. For example, amethyst is often associated with calming energy and spiritual growth, while rose quartz is linked to love and compassion. Lastly, remember to cleanse and charge your crystals regularly to maintain their energy and effectiveness. This can be done through various methods such as moonlight, sunlight, sound, or using other crystals like selenite or clear quartz. Trust your intuition, do your research, and enjoy the process of selecting your crystals.

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