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Something Is In The Air!?

Okay, so I got a new job! Doesn't really fit the title right...I know. Because this post isn't about my new job that I start June 5th. This post is about the horrible transition out that I am having at my current job. Now, when I say horrible, many on the outside will say challenges. I want to say its purely the adversary trying to take me out of character.

Alright,so lets dive into my rants! Two-three weeks ago I dealt with four residents from the pit of hell. They were and are still the worst individuals, I've ever come across my 4.5 years as a Hall Director. I've been dealing with very FAKE colleagues. Like seriously, how fake can you get. There's one that talks about everyone and I can only imagine what she says about me. I have people that think they're in my corner and they are genuinely NOT! I have people congratulating me when they can keep that phony shit to themselves. I'm so over ducking and hiding from these people. I wish they'd leave me alone and stay in their office as I do mines.

Se, when I don't like folk, I stay out of folks way. You will not see me at the party and i will not sign the card. But see other people like to do that fake shit behind and in front you and I'm not with it! Anyway, I feel much better just getting that off my chest and right on my blog!

I don't rant much, especially on social media. it's attention seeking and half the people your'e ranting to aren't real friends.

I can't wait to get away from this toxic environment. I'm just trying to hold my breathe and keep it cool.

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