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Something I lack so bad, but need in order to survive. As of late, my patience as been tried. I hate waiting. I have learned, without patience, I will be be eternally stressed out like....always. Any who! Salutations... I hope all is well in your universe. Is it me or is time going by super fast. I think the time change is playing into my patience for a lot of things.

I'm also lacking patience in my job search. I want results now and I'm not getting them. I've gotten two calls and I didn't want those jobs. I'm lacking patience with my business, I want to do things my way and alone. I also want companies to email me right away, but I must have patience.

So i shall practice patience in the next few weeks. I didn't give up anything for lent, but maybe I can give up my lack of patience.

Patience is a virtue. Namaste.

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