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Assorted Crystals

The Sacred Space

Welcome to our black-owned metaphysical shop! Our store offers a wide range of spiritual and holistic products to enhance your mind, body, and soul. We take pride in providing quality items and a peaceful atmosphere for all of our customers. Come visit us and explore the endless possibilities for your spiritual journey.

Hours vary weekly, please check our Google Profile for exact hours.

3524 Keswick Rd, Baltimore MD


Find your moment of peace here at The Sacred Space. Pick a time and date today to relax and release.


Do you need an energy alignment? Feel a little off balance? Book some time with our Reiki Practitioner today.


Want to learn more about crystals, chakras, energy, meditation, sound therapy and more. Book a session today.


This service provides a three-card reading for your aura. The goal for the oracle reading is to assist you in your journey.


Spreading Love, Light and Art

Angie Jones, Reiki and Meditation Practitioner

I'm Angie, your local Reiki Practitioner II (Cert. 2020), Meditation Practitioner (Cert. 2021), Crystal Educator and Spiritual Mentor. Welcome to my site, I'm so happy that you are here. I wouldn't have thought the universe would have me here in this realm, teaching and connecting with others energetically. Prior to this life journey, I was on a corporate track in the healthcare industry. I've earned a Bachelor's degree in Health Information Management and a Masters in Health Systems Management. I wanted to be a CEO of a medical facility in Baltimore, MD. It seemed like I was on that track but life had another plan for me. In 2020 I resigned from my job and went full-time into my sacred geometric art, Reiki, Meditation, crystals and healing conversations. I've worked with various beings and souls on their spiritual and healing journey and it's been such a reward. As I expand my healing business, I can't wait to see where I go next. I hope you'll join me on this journey too. I'll see you at the Sacred Space soon.

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