The Sacred Space at

BrickRose Exchange

Located on the 2nd floor, The Sacred Space is a place for those who seek peace and good vibrations.


Hours of Operation

Tuesday - Friday 

12PM - 5PM

2216 Boston Street, Baltimore, MD


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Spreading Love, Light and Art

Angie Jones, Reiki and Meditation Practitioner

I'm Angie, your local Reiki Practitioner II (Cert. 2020), Meditation Practitioner (Cert. 2021) and Crystal Educator. I started this journey 7 years ago and I wouldn't have thought the universe would have me here and I'm grateful. I was on a corporate track to healthcare, I have a Bachelors in Health Information Management and a Masters in Health Systems Management. I wanted to be a CEO of a medical facility in Baltimore, MD. It seemed like I was on that track but life had another plan for me. In 2020 I resigned from my job and went full-time into my sacred geometric art, crystals and healing conversations. Now, I have a space to expand my Reiki and Meditation practice. I hope you'll join me on this journey too. I'll see you at the Sacred Space.