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Greetings! I hope all is well in your universe. I really wanted to blog/brag about the new chapter in my life. I finally left Coppin State, after 4.7 years of being a Hall Director, I finally GOT OUT lol. I currently work for the MD Health Department in their HR sector. I'm so excited and kind of nervous. My supervisor is so awesome! I really hope that I prove to her that I was a good pick.

With leaving Coppin, I had to find a new space to live. Me and my love found a nice place in the perfect area. I'm so excited to create my art space and make the home wonderful for the both of us. I don't talk about my love much, cause that's nobody's business lol. Anywho, we're getting things together with hope we can have a lil soiree before the summer is out.

I've been meeting a lot of new people. I'm an insecure introvert (if you know what I mean) if not, I can go in depth in another post. So, It's really had for me to connect with others. I feel like I can be a good friend but I don't seem to live up to it.

New friends lol I have none, but my old friend and I reconnected. I'm happy, but I'm going to take it slow.

My business has been flourishing! I have a lot of new ideas that I cant wait to paint!

All in all, a lot of new and a lil old. I'm just blessed to be in this space.


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