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Branding Bad Ass

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Written: August 3, 2018 Welcome to my blog! This is a space for all beings, whether you're a natural women, "adulter" (new word) or a fellow solo traveler! For a very long time, I've wanted to put myself out there. Whether it be my creativity, my life experiences or photos. After a short battle with myself (because I believe we all have doubt within sometimes), I branded myself The Ankh Queen. I picked this name, for the love I have for the Ankh and its many meanings. Branding yourself doesn't mean you have to be the next fortune 500 person/company. It could just be for what you want people to remember you by. For those that don't know. The Ankh is an Egyptian symbol. It represent the "key of life". The key of life to me, are the women of the world. With that being said, welcome to my website! I am not selling anything. Just sharing my experiences. I believe we all have a voice to share in the world! Namaste

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