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Job Hunt

Salutations! Can you believe it! It's April, the year is going by so quickly. I hope all is well in your universe. There has been so much going on in my life! Okay so, I'm gearing up to leave my job as a Hall Director. I'm so excited. Do I have a job yet, no! But, that is all in the works!

I started my job hunt at the beginning of this year. At first, I wasn't taking it too seriously, although I knew I would not want to return to my current job at the end of the summer. I created a job tracker, update my resume (several times) and applied for jobs days at a times. I should've brushed up on my job hunting skills because the application and pre-interview vetting process is something serious. In addition, I learned to read the reviews of the company an much more, Needless to to say, in the span of four months, I've gotten good responses to my applications and resume.

I've dodged a few bullets and declined interviews and offers from jobs that had poor reviews. I learned a lot of companies are marketing companies disguised as something else. It kind of sucks but I know that I don't want to make phone calls to no one! One company reviews were so bad, when I mentioned it, the recruiter didn't even defend it. I've applied to jobs that I was over/under qualified for. I've got my fair share of rejection emails. I remain optimistic! I had an interview this past week and I know they want to hire me, but I'm going to decline because I have my eye on something better.

I feel like I'm being super picky but the next place I work I want it to be exactly what's best for me. I'm claiming what's best for me in the name of God, The Universe and The Great Divine . I have a desire to lead and manage, so I pray that I get this particular job. I also have a yearning to learn healthcare, which another position will allow me. I really want to focus on the positive from this point on. I just really hope it all works out in my favor.

Al in all, I'm waiting on a few responses, offers and potential interviews. I have two jobs that I'm gunning for. I really hope God allows me to have one of them. I can't wait to leave my current job! A blog about that will soon come.

Keep the peace.


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