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How To Use Your Pyramid

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Recently bought an Orgone or Prism, now what?

Now, if you purchased your piece for the intended purpose of the crystals, let’s learn!

More than likely the Ankh Queen told you where to place your piece. For instance, if your piece is primarily Rose Quartz, place this in your intimate or meditation space. Black Obsidian should be placed in the front of your home or common area, and so forth.

The pyramid structure is all about transforming energy from negative to positive. Keep your pyramid dust free and be selective when people touch it. Energy is transferable, from aura to entity, so cleanse your pyramid when you feel it’s necessary or when your aura tells you too.

You can use your pyramid as the center of your crystal grid. This works well if you don't have a wooden grid, you can use the four points as extensions to your crystals. Your pyramid can be an amplifier for your other crystals and stones. You can use it to manifest with intent or it can be another beautiful gem artifact in your collection.

Meditating/Elevating With Your Pyramid

  1. You can hold your pyramid in your hand if it’s small, place it in front of you or in the center surrounded by other crystals.

  2. Clear your mind and be present. This is obtainable if you’re in a quiet space. If you don’t have one, create a meditation space, it doesn’t have to be fancy, just a space that can harvest your peace, affirmations and manifestations.

  3. Try to inhale and exhale to gain control of your peace. Some use sound such as ocean waves and chimes to successfully enter mindfulness. This takes practice, don't feel anxious if you're unable to quiet the mind your first time.

  4. Set your intention. Mediation can be about peace of mind, protection, healing, cleansing and/or manifestation of a goal. If your pyramid or grid set up is about protecting yourself from negativity, focus your meditation on that. Focus the intent to meditate on ridding negativity and transforming it into positive energy.

  5. Your piece plays a major part in this because it will vibrate the intended frequency in your space. You should feel a shift in your energy as you go deeper in your meditation and your intent.

  6. Don't rush out of your meditation state. Allow your mind to slowly come back to activeness. Do not rush your mind into processing, just go with the flow.

  7. Once you’re done, place your piece back where it was or leave it. Hold on to that feeling, that peace, that request. Don’t doubt. Feel worthy, feel whole.

  8. After meditation, I like to enjoy a cup of tea or relax. You can do the same, remember, meditation is self care.

All good things come with time and patience. Don’t meditate once with your piece and have expectations. Continue to work with it, continue to manifest and affirm your aura.

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