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My Solo Trip to Cancun, Mexico

Written: September 26, 2018


I never thought I would be a solo traveler, I don't think many of us think to travel alone at all. For me, after many years of not being able to travel because I was either waiting for the right time or the right friend, I decided alone was the best way to go.

This past summer I recently graduated, so traveling was the number one thing I wanted to do after I walked across the stage. I had the opportunity to travel to Jamaica and as soon as I got back, I had "Travel Fever". So, I told myself that I was going to go somewhere before the summer was out.

Picking my destination was easy. I knew I wanted to be in a warm atmosphere and near a beach. I knew that I didn't want to spend more than $800.00 for the entire trip, which helped narrowed my destination down to Cancun. I wanted to save money, so I used Airbnb. This was the best alternative, if you don't want to worry about costly resorts and hotels. My Airbnb was the best deal ever! I stayed in a condominium right on the beach with pool access. I only payed $262.00 (us) for my entire stay. I used Spirit Airlines for my flight. I was very nervous because I only heard horrible things about Spirit, but my experience was actually pretty good. Plus, the amount that I spent for my round trip was worth it.

The great thing about my lodging, was that I was in the hotel zone! Everything was walking distance.

Transportation was booked before I arrived. When I did my research, a lot of travelers stated that taxis are very expensive in Cancun. So I booked USA Transfers to take me to and from the airport.

I also booked my tour/excursion before I got there. I used My Cancun Tours and did the 4 in 1 tour. It was literally a marathon of awesome Cancun destinations. I went to Coba, Tulum, Playa del Carmen and the Coba Cenote.

I ate at Calypso's every day and the people were friendly. There was a flea market across from the condo, I tried to enjoy it but the hagglers were relentless. It was so hot! So I mostly stayed on the balcony of the condo, sipping cold Coronas. Like many solo travelers, safety was my main concern. I felt extremely comfortable being alone in the area I was in. It was heavily populated and everyone was friendly. I didn't interact much with anyone, I’m an introvert at heart, plus I didn't want to draw too much attention to myself.

In conclusion, I recommend everyone to travel alone at least once. It could be a life changer!

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