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Salutations! I hope all is well in your universe. So I wanted to blog about my current journey as an artist and entrepreneur. I've always been against running my own business. I watched my parents do it and it just seemed difficult. Although they had many rewarding times, their business faced challenges too. I had my mind set on just "working for the man", as many would say or as I would say. Many might think that way of thinking is very closed minded, but that's what I was comfortable with. Honestly, I'm still comfortable with working in a structured organization that isn't my own a.k.a "working for someone else". So I'm learning to balance that currently.

Now, I have a new outlook on making my own money and running my own business as a artisan. I really want to provide abstract paint services for all. Crazy thing is, I just became an artist, a few months ago. As I stated in my previous "New Artist" blog, I used to paint small wood boxes, but that's nothing compared to what I'm doing now.

I've had many successes that actually supersede my challenges. I'm still learning and that's what really matters. I can't wait to get my business fully functioning, I have some things I want to implement to make sure I'm using my material wisely and profiting appropriately. All in all, this journey is pretty awesome, I can't wait to see where it takes me.

Thanks for reading, peace be with you.

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