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Don't Jinx It!

Salutations and welcome back to my blog. A lot has occurred since I last blogged about Bad Stress. I've been in a major life shift and it's been unbalancing. February, although we are still in the month was rough on me the first few weeks. There were back to back incidents at my job. I confessed to my boss that the job was stressful among other things. I felt so empty. I've been looking for jobs. I can say, although I remain optimistic through all challenges getting those rejection notices, hurt.

I vended at a Marketplace this month and it was a success! I nearly sold out!! So, I'm into the groove of things with my art buuuut a few of my pieces have been super unsuccessful. I have a full schedule in March and I'm so excited/nervous. I must produce so many pieces and I want them all to be perfect and unique. Furthermore, I've been researching via YouTube, strengthening my skills and building my confidence in my art. A few unfavorable things have occurred with my business, but I have pushed pass that completely. No one can take what God has given me.

Back to the job situation, the whole point of the title!! I was contacted for a job that I did not apply for. I changed the settings to my LinkedIn, letting employers know I was "looking for work”. Next thing you know, I'm receiving a message from a tech company. The craziest thing though was. My supervisor told me when it's time for me to move forward, it will just happen. He said that it may be a job that I didn't apply for. HE SPOKE THAT INTO EXISTENCE! Long story short, I have an interview this week with that company and I'm super excited. I pray, pray, prrrrrraaayyyy that this is for me.

Any who, enough about me! If you're in a point in life where you may feel stagnant. You may feel hopeless, faithless, unsatisfied, stressed and so more stuff. Continue to be optimistic! Continue to believe it will work itself out! Have faith, have hope, have ambition, find that little thing that makes you happy until the next move. Don't Jinx It by going against it

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