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Bad Stress

For the past few days, my job has been stressing me out. I kind of figured this semester would be an interesting one. Especially with me wanting to leave so badly. The semester just started and I've already had to deal with several residential issues. It's slightly taking a toll on me. I don't invest myself in the situation, I'm just tired of dealing with situations. Correcting behavior has always been the downfall of this job. It's hard to get residents to see how their current decisions can affect them in the long run. I wish I didn't care as much, but if I didn't I wouldn't be able to do my job as well as I do.

Bad stress, is the worst stress. It comes at the worst times, it could be due to external and internal factors. I think my stress is coming from both. So how can I get out of this funk? I’ve tried painting, that doesn't seem to help much especially since my paint space always has other energy present in it. So, I decided to blog, the best way to relieve a little stress.

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