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A Blog About Nothing

As I set in my bed, sick. I found myself on social media way too long. So why not type something, anything, to keep me off that app! This blog is honestly about nothing, I can't stand when I occupy my mind with nonsense, especially unproductive nonsense. Social media is starting to become annoying and reckless, I promise this blog is not about social I just wanted to share how it can really consume you and distract you from reality.

So, I'm sick. It's not the flu but my body feels like shit and I could really use some food. I've been eating, but my breakfast this morning was a bit skimp, but that's only because I don't eat meat and HE does. I've been drinking tea and water to stay hydrated and I'm trying to fight this sore throat that thinks, it's going to get the best of me...I keep drowning in halls to numb the soreness in hope for recovery.

Right now, the government is shut down and surviving Robert Kelly is a thing. I got so mad at a few memes I saw posted making fun with pedophilia. How can people make jokes about how a grown man is approaching underage kids? I never was a fan of Robert, I would always say, "He not in jail yet?". He always got away with the shit he was doing. I think the whole situation is a MESS. Robert, The Parents of the victims and anyone who witnessed that MESS. They should all be held accountable. The older woman that dated Robert in the 2000s, I just really wonder what was going through her mind. Did she think that all those accusations were false? Poor Aaliyah, her legacy will always have a spot of Robert on it, just to cause some distaste. I digress. Some people would argue, I'm not.

I'm looking for a new job, I cannot wait to work somewhere else. I'm excited to learn something new and work with more people. I applied to a few jobs last week, got one rejection letter, but that was okay. It low-key made me happy because I applied for another job at the same organization and they have yet to reject me! We'll see, I'm a very optimistic person. I also try my best to see good in every person no matter what.

Being a pescatarian, sucks lol! I want meat! I want chicken! But I'm going to keep pushing to my goal!

Okay, I'm done with this blog about lol...a lot!


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