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2018 Reflection - 2019 Start Up

Hey there! Welcome, I hope all is well in your universe. I wanted to reflect on my 2018 and blog about my hopes for 2019.

2018 was literally a re-discovering of self. I went through some challenges that ultimately made me stronger this year.

1. At the beginning of the year, I ended up cutting off friends that I thought, would be there for a life time. I understand sometimes, it’s better to cut people off before things get difficult.

SO I BROUGHT A CAMERA!! It was difficult dealing with that separation, so I translated my sadness into photography and myself love photo project. I love my Sony a5100, it got me through tough times.

2. I graduated with my master’s Degree in Health Systems Management. The University of Baltimore really gave me the experience of a life-time and I PRAY, that I use my degree, LOL. (I know I will, I do now)

3. The birth of The Ankh Queen! I officially branded myself, even changed my IG name. Although, I am forever MissAngieAngg, I think It’s a good look. It's a mature me.

4. I started my dream of becoming a World-Class traveler. I went to three countries this year; Portland, Jamaica, Cancun, Mexico (solo trip) and Nassau Bahamas. I'm so proud of myself and I can't wait to add more stamps to my passport. Each adventure taught me that; I love to travel, be with the locals and sleep on the beach. My next trips for 2019 are; San Juan, Puerto Rico, Curacao and Bali, Indonesia. Wish me luck in preparing for these trips.

5. I started to overcome my body insecurity and social media anxiety. I still struggle in these areas, but I just remind myself that I'm the SHIT and I have a phatty.

6. I started my blog! Which should be number one, but I'm trying to go in some sort of order here. I love blogging. I feel guilty when I don't post.

6. The finale! This business gave me life!AnkhQueensCrafts, It has given me purpose! Acrylic pouring is life and I'm so blessed that I have been given this gift. I just hope that I continue to develop my skill and my business flourishes in 2019.

So, all in all, that was my 2018. Such an amazing year. Such a blessing.

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