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Vulnerability - Sharing Your Talents

Written: November 4, 2018

Definition of Vulnerable: the quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally.

Sounds worst when you google it, don't you agree! Salutations and welcome back to my blog! So, I've been feeling a little vulnerable lately, with my new leaps of faith and I wanted to write about it! So, I decided to take this nose dive into new hobbies' blogging, painting, journalism and photography. Sounds like a lot, right? Just a back story, I recently graduated from graduate school with my master’s in health systems management. I currently work in Higher Education which is nowhere near the healthcare field. I start my official job search this month and boy am I feeling vulnerable. Not Google defined vulnerable, but I'm a little scared that rejection will leave me emotionally broken. Exaggerate much?!

Anyway, what has me wide open, is my new business adventure with; blogging, YouTube, painting, journalism and photography. It's so much but satisfying at the same time! I got into blogging, because I got this inkling that I should do it! For the rest of the hobbies listed, I either fell into it or got a feeling I should do it. My biggest fear, is that people won't check out what I have to offer, but I must put myself out there, we all do!

I wanted to share some tips I use, to get pass my vulnerability.

1. Keep negativity out! Sometimes, when you want to share something with others, you can wonder about the negative feedback before the positive. Focus on how much you love whatever you want to share and remember why you wanted to share it in the first place.

2. Be your own cheerleader. Pump yourself up, this is best feeling ever. Give yourself pep talk. Remind yourself why the world should see, hear, buy and support what you have to offer! It's nothing wrong for telling yourself, you're the best at what you do. If you don't believe that no one will!

3. Perfect your craft. Learning how to get better at your craft, will build a stronger foundation for what you have to offer. If you don't get the results you want, do a little research, figure out ways to master it. It will lead to fulfillment, self-discovery and growth.

4. Don't give up! There isn't one inspirational person that hasn't said it. If you believe you have something good to share with the world. Keep going.

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