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Looking for Work

Salutations! I hope all is well in your universe, I haven't blogged in a few days, so I thought this would be the best time to do so. Before I get into the topic, I wanted to say that life is a tricky one and you got to know how to play the game to survive.

Let’s begin! So, I'm officially looking for a new job! Let me tell you, I haven't applied for many jobs yet, but this is a major task for me. I have two degrees and I'm ready to really use them. There is no real dilemma except for my lack of experience in healthcare. I currently work in higher education as a Hall Director. I like my job, but I've been there for four years and two months. Things are changing and I'm getting uncomfortable. They say that being uncomfortable is a sign for change, I just hope that's my case.

To be honest, I have some fear in this journey. I know why too!

1. My lack of experience

You know what's funny, as I was listing, I couldn't come up with any other "fears". So, how do I get over this. It isn't something I can fake or get over. The skills that I use in my current job are transferable, but healthcare is not higher education. I really hope my resume speaks volumes on my abilities. I plan to reedit my resume tomorrow and my cover letter too, I think it could be better.

What else!! This blog is so boring but necessary for me to type bout. In moments like this, you got to be your strongest. Well, I have nothing else to type about, LOL!

Peace and Blessing

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